Firmly Planted

Facing 5 Challenges of Mom Life

As moms, we make big and little choices every day that ripple into forever. We’re also confronted with some massive challenges, and we desperately need to be firmly planted in truth in order to stand through life’s demands when winds blow and storms rush in.

For the last two years I have been interviewing moms — because iron sharpens iron, and girl talk is good. What surprised me was that themes surfaced, and I began to notice some difference makers in the face of five challenges that came up over and over again. So, I wrote a study. And it will be offered to TCA moms this summer, for 6 weeks starting Monday night, July 12 from 8:30-9:30pm.

At TCA, we have a rich history of cultural excellence and grace — and this could be a year with pivots and newness that require firmly planted feet. So let’s position ourselves for a healthy, thriving 2021-2022 school year, strategically equipped for what is to come.

You may register below by providing the requested information, and I’ll send you what you need for the first week. Please note that this study can be completed all online using Zoom, or TCA is assigning some in-person discussion groups that can enjoy the content on Zoom and then discuss in person. If you sign up for the in-person study, you’ll receive an email soon with information about your discussion group location.

Looking forward to learning with you!

Emily Taylor


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